From the recording The Lay Awakes EP

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Written by Patrick Anderson
& Anna Paddock
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY
Produced by Jeremy McDonald
Mixed by Will Hensley


I'm not ready to say I love you
I'm not ready to make big plans
I'm not ready to keep walking hand in hand
If you're not ready to be my man

Cause you're not ready to say forever
You're not ready to take a stand
Though your words drip like honey, don't you understand
That you're not ready to be my man?
You're not ready to be my man

I'm so tired of everyone leaving
I turn around, it's someone new
Still I won't go begging and pleading with you

It's hard enough to get discovered
With my homemade record and handful of fans
Everyone is testing the waters
Short runs and one night stands
No I'd rather hold out on my own as long as I can
If you're not ready to be my man