From the recording The Lay Awakes EP

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Written by Patrick Anderson
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY
Produced by Jeremy McDonald
Mixed by Will Hensley


To get what you want
Whatever you need
In the hour of temptation
You listen to me
You have no choice, no freedom, no time
God is a criminal, you are the crime

The first step is hard
And frightening as hell
You tremble like Adam
On the morning man fell
But time will wrap a melody around all your wrongs
The minor chords in a beautiful song

'Til nothing compares
And anything goes
Now heaven is haunted
And God is a ghost
And every new lover feels like a rebirth
And you can't get enough of this bountiful earth

Then one day you stop
Dead in your tracks
You reel for a moment
The criminal's back
And you stare at the blood on his hands and his feet
But he won't look away until your eyes meet